• Haweka AXIS500

Haweka AXIS500

Haweka AXIS500

Product Code:AXIS500
  • 6,750.00€

  • 8,302.50€ inc. VAT

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Performance features

  • measured in drive position, no lifting necessary,
  • all vehicle types can be measured quickly and reliably with a measuring system,
  • electronic inclinometer with digital display,
  • easy fitting onto rims due to magnets
  • quick-clamping device for all alloy rims,
  • 360° rotating measuring head with battery/rechargeable battery LASER technology,
  • quick measuring of: partial toe, camber, toe-in angle, caster, axle inclination, axle offset and central positioning of the steering gear,
  • vehicle frame is included in each measurement,
  • all front axle measurements within 10 minutes including setup time,
  • good price-performance ratio guarantees quick amortization,
  • mobile equipment cabinet included in the scope of delivery.