• BAHCO BBL12-800 Lithium Battery Booster 12V 800CA

BAHCO BBL12-800 Lithium Battery Booster 12V 800CA

BAHCO BBL12-800 Lithium Battery Booster 12V 800CA

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  • Lithium battery: lasting three times longer than a conventional leadacid battery, providing improved safety than a lead-acid battery with no production of inflammable gas when overheating, less than half of the weight of a lead-acid model and with a very low self-discharge rate
  • Ultra resistant housing: one piece, 5 mm thick roto moulded reticulated polyethylene housing ensures extreme durability and withstands the roughest environments, resistant to most of the chemicals used in repair shops
  • The double insulated 25 mm² welding cables (1.15 m long) help prevent injuries, guarantee long life and flexibility under the most extreme conditions and ensure efficient conductivity
  • Large 900 A capacity professional clamps with wide 30 mm opening, 100% insulation, great conductivity thanks to the brass jaws and increased accessibility due to the angled and smooth design
  • The dual ON/OFF feature ensures high safety for the user and for the vehicle with complete elimination of uncontrolled current in the clamps. When set in OFF mode there is no current in the clamps. When set in ON mode, the booster cannot be put on charge
  • Giving an indication of the booster’s battery status and the charging process and allows testing of the vehicle’s alternator
  • 12V output via a lighter plug with 16A internal quick fuse to run smaller devices
  • An 1Ah electronic charger inside the housing. The charging status is indicated with green (the booster is fully charged), red (charging ongoing) and red (error)
  • The fuse protects against overload for example over cranking, cranking for long periods without allowing the booster to cool down and prevents short circuits. Easy access to the internal fuse without dismantling the back panel thanks to the back door. Easy control system for the internal fuse, by push button and LED indicator system. Easy, visual and fast. No need for external testing devices
  • Both visual and audio polarity reverse alarm. If the clamps are connected in reverse (when the booster is turned OFF), an alarm beeps constantly and a LED lamp flashes
  • If the charging level of the internal battery of the booster is below 11,5V the buzzer emits intermittent beeps when you press the volt meter button with the switch OFF or when you turn on the switch from OFF to the 12V position
  • If the booster is connected to a battery of a vehicle exceeding a voltage of 15,5V (when the booster is turned OFF) the buzzer beeps constantly and the battery’s LED light is red
  • Thanks to the temperature sensor on board the user is warned by an alarm beeping intermittently and a LED flickering when the temperature of the battery exceeds 60°C and needs to cool down before re-use. When the temperature drops back below 45°C both alarms disappear and the booster can then be recharged before further attempt.

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Battery Lithium
Cranking Amps 800 CA
Product Code BBL12-800
Voltage 12V
Weight 4.9 kg
Length Cable Length: 1.15m