• BAHCO BBA1224-1700 Battery Booster 12V / 24V 1700 / 900 CA

BAHCO BBA1224-1700 Battery Booster 12V / 24V 1700 / 900 CA

BAHCO BBA1224-1700 Battery Booster 12V / 24V 1700 / 900 CA

Product Code:BBA1224-1700
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  • To start diesel engines up to 480 HP without battery at 12 V and up to impressive 1.500 HP diesel engines without battery at 24 V
  • Immediately powerful: at 12 V: 1700 CA, at 24 V: 900 CA
  • Quick voltage selector
  • 50 mm2 copper area in cables ensures high conductivity
  • Internal fuse 500 A
  • Electronic fuse check system
  • Cable length: 1,85 m
  • Automatic electronic charger with 3 color LED indicator
  • 10 h charging time
  • 12 V output with 16 A internal fuse to run smaller devices
  • New AGM battery: 15-20% more powerful than the previous AGM batteries
  • Ultra resistant housing ensures extreme durability
  • Illuminated voltmeter
  • Fully insulated solid copper bridge ensuring great conductivity of the current between the 2 clamp jaws
  • 4A intelligent electronic charger switches off the charging once the booster battery is fully charged
  • Electronic fuse check system by pushing button and check the LED indicator enables easy, visual and fast control of the internal fuse
  • Polarity inversion warning system in OFF mode warns the operator by giving both visual and audio alarm if the clamps are connected in reverse
  • Double - insulated thick welding cables ensures maximum power transfer
  • Safety Poka-yoke ON / OFF system prevents charge in ON mode and hinders current to flow to the clamps in OFF mode for maximum safety.
*Lighter plug charger [cable of 1,85 m] is available as option: BBSNL4FX001

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Battery Lead-Acid
Cranking Amps 1700 / 900CA
Product Code BBA1224-1700
Voltage 12V & 24V
Weight 28.6 kg
Length Cable Length: 1.85m